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Our bustier from Vitadylan™: "Six" is the proof that you can feel completely comfortable in a bustier. Vitadylan™ is twice as soft as cotton and provides the highest possible comfort thanks to its seamless processing.

The substance contains algae and medicinal zinc. The vitamins and sea minerals contained in it are constantly released into the skin, nourishing and protecting it in a natural way. Your skin becomes soft and smooth without the need to apply cream.

Grey "Six" Bustier From Vitadylan

CHF 89.00Preis
    • Original GREY Bustier from Vitadylan™
    • Contains algae extract from Icelandic fjords, zinc, natural vitamins and minerals
    • Antioxidants from algae and zinc protect and care for the skin
    • The caring effect hardly washes out even after 100 washes
    • Timeless feminine cut in Asian-inspired Zen design
    • Finest craftsmanship
    • welded seams for highest wearing comfort
    • Colour: Original GREY Grey Mélange
    • Twice as soft as cotton
    • 97 % less water consumption than a cotton product
    • Designed in Berlin
    • Made in Germany
    • Including high-quality gift box
    • The sizes are rather narrow. Possibly order a larger size

    MACHINE WASHING up to 60 GRAD - can be put into the washing machine as usual, the valuable ingredients are preserved.

    • 100% free from pollutants
    • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
    • Dermatologically tested : 5 stars "Excellent
    • Free delivery
    • 1000 liter Meerwasser power

    • 97 % weniger Wasser

    • 90 % weniger CO2

    • Mineralien aus Meeresalgen

    • Antioxidant

    • Doppelt so weich wie Baumwolle

    • UVA / UVB - Schutz bis zu +50 SPF

    • Natürliche Vitamine aus dem Meer

    • Enthält hautpflegendes Zink

    • Weniger Geruch

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